Sunday, January 20, 2013

Plural Nouns-They Finally Got It!

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All week long, our word work topic before our writing lessons was plural nouns.  We had created anchor charts, made lists, practiced on the white board, and a few other "paper" activities, but I just felt like my students were not getting it! 

Since I work with ELL students, I definitely needed a more hands-on approach, so I created this lesson, and VIOLA!  They finally got it!  It was a simple lesson, but  adding the more creative, hands-on approach worked wonders! 

Here is what we did: 
  1. Have students choose a singular noun card.  ( I used the cute chevron ones available in the pack above)
  2. Students write their singular noun on the word strip ( I found these cute word strips at Dollar tree!)
  3. Have students fold over the strip to the letter before you add the s or es, or to the letter that changes for the y words or rulebreakers
Easy Peasy, and each student created five in about 10 minutes! 

You can download the cute cards and directions by clicking here.


  1. Thanks for sharing this! I'm going to be teaching this rule soon and the cards/wordstrips will be the perfect activity to go with it. :)
    Teacher Treasure Hunter

  2. Thanks! I think I originally saw something similiar on pinterest. I love finding simple ideas that actually work. I also did it with past tense verbs and irregular past tense verbs and it works well!