Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Technology in the Classroom

Last year I received a new AVER document camera (similar to an ELMO) and a new projector.  I work with all ELL students, where visuals are a must, so the document camera and the projector have been a  life saver!  I feel like I am able to make my lessons much more interactive, which really gets my non-speakers involved. 

 This new technology has been wonderful, but sometimes I felt I was stuck behind the computer, or constantly going back and forth from the computer to the screen.  So I recently purchased a wireless mouse, which I highly suggest to everyone with a projector. Now, with the wireless mouse, I am able to control whatever I have on the screen from anywhere in the room!  It has been great for students; engaging in online games or practice quizzes online, I no longer have to call them up to the computer, we just pass around the mouse.  After showing one young student our new wireless mouse technology, he told me I was magic!

 Please comment and share what technology you couldn't live without in your classroom and how you use it, I would love to hear about different ways to use the projector and document camera! 


  1. Congratulations Katie on your blog. I look forward to new entries!

  2. I love my document camera and Promethean Board! I use it to demonstrate activities so everyone can have a good view of the directions, particularly if I am moving small math manipulatives. It's great for teaching new web sites for them to use in computer station. And, of course, they love to have a turn to come up and click on the board when we play games:)

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