Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Powerful Language -Strong Verbs

One of my favorite Language topics to teach each year is my Strong Verbs Unit!  I love teaching it and the students love the hands-on way to study Strong Verbs and Synonyms!  I love that by the end of the unit, you can really see the difference in the students' personal narratives, especially when it comes to using a variety of words in their writing and using a variety of tools to find new words.  It's great to see the students taking their own initiative to go get  thesaurus, use MS word to find new words, or a variety of online tools to get rid of those BORING VERBS!  Here are some of the students' favorites activities that we do in the unit:

Strong Verb Synonym Sort:

Strong Verb Word Clouds-These are a blast!  I always get lots of comments from staff, students, and parents on how cool these look in the hallway.

These activities and more can all be found in my Strong Verbs Unit. 



  1. This looks like an awesome unit! The synonym sort looks great! I bet the kids really love this!

  2. Thanks Chris and Carrie! This is one of my favorite units to do, especially since I teach all ELL students. This is a great unit for using mentor texts too!

  3. The word clouds are fantastic! What a great way to utilize technology!
    Teacher Treasure Hunter

  4. Katie,
    Your Powerful Language unit looks fabulous! I love the interaction of the Synonym Sort! And the verb clouds make a big statement. Not only, do they show off technology, but they highlight language acquisition and vocabulary. Well done!
    Oh, How Pintearesting!

  5. Thanks Melissa and Laura! I think this unit really helps my ELLs both understand the texts they read better and improves writing!