Thursday, August 15, 2013

Does Your School Use CCSS?

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Just curious, are you required to state the CCSS in your lesson plans?  I have added them to my lessons since my state adopted them, but so far it has not be "required" that I include them.  I personally think they are great and have helped me add more to my lessons.  I work with several different grade levels when working with my ELL students,  and I love being able to find all the standards in one place online.

I started developing these CCSS checklists and student rosters two years ago to help me with my planning. It has helped me pair units I already have to meet the CCSS.  The checklists are a great tool to plan for the year, and  the checklists help you progress monitor if each student has met the standard.  Come report card time, the rosters are so helpful!  Click here to check one out.

What are some great tools or products that you have found helpful in meeting the CCSS?  First five comments will get any of my CCSS products for free from my store



  1. I love materials that help me organize and assess the CCSS!

  2. very cool! I made report cards, which are similar and with Next Generation Science Standards as well. I like that this is for the teachers. I am teaching kindergarten for the first time so its my first time using them.

    Our principal requires us to use the standards in our lessons. This is for our Catholic school and we are going through an accreditation process. I am in Appleton, WI!
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  3. Those are great! I haven't researched much about the next generation science standards yet, that's something I am definitely going to do more of this year. I am in Green Bay, not too far from you! I emailed about the checklists.

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